After giving up my teenage aspirations to be an actor, I moved into a career in the media. Firstly, I worked on over sixty music videos as a production manager, from the dizzying heights of Elton John, to filming a new dance act in a disused swimming pool in Newcastle. I then moved on to script reviewing for Specific Films, while working on two Australian co-productions with PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, before finally taking on the role of commissioning co-ordinator at the Educational TV channel Teachers TV. However, a few years ago, I realised unless I was going to pull a ‘Mary Wesley’ and wait until I turned 70 for my novel writing career to take off, I’d better start doing something about it. I recently completed an MA in Novel Writing at City, University of London, passing with Distinction. So now by day I work in a University looking after a Professor of Psychology, while by night I edit my first book, ‘Running Underground’, an action spy thriller set in London – a city I have had a long standing affair with.